About Clipify

Clipify is a software product that helps athletes, parents, coaches, and organizations streamline their highlight video creation process.

Who's behind this?

Clipify is a product of SoccerCruit.

Colin McAtee

Founder of SoccerCruit

One of the most important pieces in any athlete's recruiting process is having quality highlight videos they can share with coaches. If a coach can't watch you, they can't recruit you. Manual highlight video services are expensive. With Clipify all you need is the game footage and we take care of the rest, saving you time and money.


Creator of Clipify.io

SoccerCruit is a software product that helps soccer players, soccer clubs, and recruiting consultants streamline the college soccer recruiting process. With SoccerCruit, athletes can send and track emails to college coaches, manage recruiting opportunities, create an online soccer resume, find top colleges, and more.